North Indian Favorites

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry



Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala


Aloo Choley chick peas + potatoes prepared North Indian style

Aloo Gobi potatoes + cauliflower cooked with spices

Aloo Saag potato cubes cooked in spinach + cream

Aloo Matar peas + potato combo blended with aromatic spices

Aloo Vindaloo potatoes cooked in a tangy hot sauce

Baingan Bhuna chunks of fried eggplant with onions bell pepper + tomato + touch of yogurt

Bhindi Masala okra cooked with onions + mild spices

Bhartha eggplant cooked with vegetables + mild spices

Bhartha Mushroom mild spiced eggplant cooked with fresh mushrooms

Dal Makhani creamed lentils prepared with butter cream + a touch of spices

Dal Tadka made with red lentils and tempered with aromatic spices

Garlic Gobi cauliflower cooked home style with fresh garlic + mild Indian spices

Mixed Vegetables fresh vegetables blended with spice + touch of curry sauce

Mushroom Matar tender mushrooms + green peas cooked with tomato sauce

Mali Kofta mixed vegetable balls cooked in onion + tomato sauce

Nav Raten Korma gentle blend of mixed vegetables + cashews + light cream

Paneer Makhni homemade cheese cubes cooked in tomato and cream sauce

Saag Choley chick peas + spinach cooked in tomato + cream sauce

Saag Paneer homemade cheese cubes cooked in spinach + cream

Saag Kofta mildly spiced spinach cooked with vegetable balls

Shahi Paneer paneer cooked with sweet nut + raisins with tomato + cream sauce

Vegetable Jalfrezi fresh vegetables cooked with green peppers + tomatoes + onions

Curries [choice of meat] Chicken Lamb Goat

Curry cooked in thick curry sauce

Korma blended with cream + cashews + raisins

Shahi Korma blended with cream + cashews + raisins + spices

Vindaloo simmered with potatoes in a tangy sauce

Jelfrezi cooked with green peppers + tomatoes + onions

Tikka Masala lightly broiled meat in savory tomato + onion + butter sauce

Makhni marinated meat pieces smothered with tomato + onion + butter + cream sauce with nuts + raisins

Saag cooked with spinach + light cream

Bhartha cubes cooked with eggplant

Ginger cubes cooked with ginger + garlic + bell peppers + spices

Rogan Josh cooked in tomato sauce + a touch of yogurt

Tandoori / Clay Oven Specialties

Tandoori Chicken half chicken marinated in yogurt + mild spices + herbs

Chicken Tikka boneless marinated chicken pieces

Fish Tikka delicately broiled to perfection

Seekh Kabab ground chicken mildly spiced + baked in clay oven

Paneer Tikka homemade cheese pieces gently seasoned  slowly broiled over charcoal in tandoori

Sabaz Tandoori cauliflower + broccoli + potato + mushroom + cheese cubes marinated in yogurt + mild spices + herbs

Fried Rices

Vegetable Biryani special rice blended with garden vegetables with nuts and raisins

Chicken Biryani basmati Rice cooked with tender chunks of chicken + fresh peas and nuts

Lamb or Goat Biryani basmati Rice cooked with tender chunks of your choice [lamb or goat] + fresh peas and nuts

Shrimp Biryani fresh shrimp lightly tossed with nuts + raisins

Combo Biryani chicken + lamb + shrimp + vegetables cooked in basmati rice

Seafood [Choice of Shrimp or Fish

Curry choice in thick curried sauce

Masala choice skewered, marinated in yogurt and pan fried

Vindaloo choice blended with potatoes in a tangy hot sauce

Bhuna choice fried, smothered with onions, ginger, garlic peppers and tomatoes

Kadal Ginger choice cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, bell pepper and spices


Vegetable Samosa two crispy pastries with mildly spiced potatoes + peas

Chicken Samosa two mildly spiced chicken filled pastries

Keema [beef] Samosa two mildly spiced beef filled pastries

Chana Ki Chat tangy sweet blend of fruit + vegetables chick peas sprinkled with black Indian salt / served chilled

Samosa Chat

Vegetable Pakora assorted fresh fritters

Palak Pakora fresh spinach leaves lightly spiced + batter fried

Mixed Platter sampling of appetizers including chicken pakora

Paneer Pakora

Vegetarian Mixed Platter sampling of vegetarian appetizers

Aloo Tikki mildly spiced minced deep fried potatoes

Naan Nacho topped with diced tomatoes + onions + bell peppers your choice of curry [lamb or chicken]

Chicken Tikka marinated chunks of boneless barbecued chicken

Fried Mushrooms


Garden Salad freshly made tossed salad with herbs and lemon

Kachchumber Salad fresh chopped cucumbers + onions + tomatoes with spices

Tomatoes + Onions lightly seasoned

Chef’s Salad garden salad with chicken


Dal Soup deliciously mild lentil soup

Mulligatawny Soup lentil soup with chicken + herbs + spices

Tomato Soup lightly seasoned

Samber fresh vegetable soup


Chicken Wrap pieces of chicken tikka + lettuce + tomato + sour cream wrapped in whole wheat roti

Lamb Wrap pieces of boneless lamb + lettuce + tomato + sour cream wrapped in whole wheat roti

Vegetarian Wrap cauliflower + potatoes + carrots + paneer + lettuce + tomato + sour cream wrapped in whole wheat roti

Homemade Indian Breads

Naan traditional Indian style bread

Garlic Naan garlic stuffed naan

Poori whole wheat bread lightly fried

Aloo Naan stuffed with lightly spiced potatoes

Gobhi Naan naan stuffed with cauliflower + spices

Chapati/Roti traditional baked whole wheat bread

Hot + Spicy Naan naan stuffed with green chilies + red peppers

Chicken Naan stuffed with broiled chicken pieces

Beef Naan stuffed with mildly spiced minced beef

Chef's Special naan stuffed with a combination of onions garlic + potatoes + chicken

Kashmiri Naan naan stuffed with raisins + cashews + coconut


Gulab Jaman two fried cheese balls soaked in honey syrup / served warm

Kheer Indian style rice pudding with pistachio / served cold

Kulfi Indian style ice cream with nutty taste of pistachios + a touch of rose water


Raita - Achar - Mango - Chutney